The Hokitika region is located on the West Coast of the Southern Alps. It's an immersion in all that is New Zealand with a stunning variety of accommodation, food, scenery and entertainment. An opportunity to experience New Zealand's finest rainforests, lakes, mountains and wildest Seas.

Hokitika is an easy flight from Wellington or Christchurch or a stunning drive through one of our passes from Nelson, Canterbury or Otago. The flight into the Hokitika airport is a not-to-be-missed experience for travellers new to the region. On your approach to the airport, the scenery is nothing short of breathtaking!

If you'd prefer to drive, be sure to take your time so your can take in the ever-changing scenery as you move from township to township.

Some 600km in length, the West Coast Region of the South Island of New Zealand is a long slither no wider than 70km at any one point. With the Tasman sea beating against its coastline - beautiful, rugged and full of natures most incredible finds. Hokitika is an ideal location to base yourself and explore a landscape that still has areas untouched by man.

Whilst the environment is natural, rugged and untouched, it is not all back to basics -the arts, the coffee, the food are also to be explored. Everything that we recommend on this site has been personally tested and tasted, sometimes several times over. It's an immersion in all that is New Zealand. Hokitika and the surrounding West Coast area is not just an experience for international tourists. Its an experience for all New Zealanders.